The strategic use of consultants can increase productivity


Fig. 1

Agile Projects

Software projects today are comprised of a myriad of people, tools and technologies. Typically, an Agile Project Manager will work with Individual Contributors and Consultants. For enterprise scale projects your technology partners will offer a Solutions Expert to help you use a product. Our team of consultants can work with your team to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Clarke-Martin Consulting works with select clients on bespoke solutions. We are force multipliers, we are unblocking your project, building foundations for success for your team




Individual Contributors




Agile Project Manager



Fig. 2

Our Experts

Our team members are experts that are backed by experts. If we are a right fit for your project we accelerate your progress and help you adopt the latest technologies and practices to help you deliver at scale.





Your best employees improve their productivity as they adopt new skills and learn to apply those skills. The Software Industry moves much faster than your best employee. Pair with one of our experts. Imagine what your Velocity Chart can look like.

We typically work with clients for a specific time period (extendable). We Test, We Measure, We Manage, We Do.